Frequently asked questions

Who are our driving events and services aimed at?

To all individuals, groups and companies who strive to perfect their vehicle control with passion and a willingness to learn. And who have recognized that the greatest potential for improvement in the man-machine system is still to be found behind the steering wheel and between the ears, and not solely in the electronic assistance and control systems.

What personal requirements must participants meet?

As is well known, one grows with the demands. That’s why our events are consistently of a high to very high standard. After all, you didn’t book talk therapy with us. Performance training is suitable for all drivers who have enough passion for driving. Events for advanced drivers are marked as such and require appropriate driving experience. The respective exercises in the course of a training day build on each other or complement each other optimally. In addition, the groups are so manageable that our instructors can respond individually to your concerns and needs. Please contact us at any time before registering so that we can advise you individually and in the best possible way.

IMPORTANT: At all of our events, drivers are absolutely prohibited from consuming alcohol, drugs, and other substances and medications that may impair their ability to drive during the event. Participants who violate this will be excluded from the event without exception. A full or partial refund of the participation fee is excluded in this case.

What can you learn from us?

The conscious and active handling of the new Corvette Stingray. You will experience that real vehicle control is much more about acting than reacting. That sportiness and economy are not mutually exclusive, but inseparable. That you do well what you like to do – and vice versa.

Where do the events take place?

The performance training sessions take place at the Bosch test site in Boxberg, Baden-Württemberg and the racetrack events, for example at the L’Anneau du Rhin, or other racetracks. You can find out more in the „Your experiences“ section. By the way, we will be happy to make you individual offers according to your wishes and needs at any time.

What is the minimum age to participate in the trainings?

You should be at least 23 years old and in possession of a driving license valid in Germany. The training is not suitable for novice drivers and young drivers just over the age of 18. You should also already be used to dealing with a lot of power and feel somewhat comfortable with it.
If you have any questions, please call us: +49 8233 74425-0

What about participants in the „Accompanied Driving at 17“ project?

Since we train with vehicles with over 450 hp and rear-wheel drive, the trainngs are not for novice drivers.
Exceptions prove the rule: you already have a racing license, have spent more kilometers on the Nordschleife than Oliver? Then we could be wrong, of course…

How does the racetrack training work?

In addition to suitable vehicles, these events require drivers who should, if possible, have already taken part in other training courses. Even though our racetrack events are expressly not intended to achieve top speeds, but solely to optimize vehicle control, the achievable speed is significantly higher than that of our other training courses.

At all our events there is an introductory driver briefing, attendance of which is mandatory. Usually, at the beginning, the drivers drive behind the instructor in order to get to know the ideal line. If necessary, the line is also worked out in section exercises. The instructor is always connected with the participants of his group by radio. Instructors are available on request for questions and practical tips, unless otherwise stated in the respective training description. A division into groups of vehicles that are as homogeneous as possible in terms of performance and adapted to the size of the track in terms of numbers is guaranteed in every case. Please remember, if you have a suitable and approved helmet, to bring it with you. Otherwise we will be happy to provide helmets on loan.

Where is the first point of contact before starting the training?

Participants are kindly requested to report to our registration desk at the venue before the training session in order to register and, if necessary, to receive further documents. In addition, a disclaimer for drivers and, if applicable, co-drivers must be signed. If you wish, we can send this to you in advance.

How large are the groups?

Usually the groups include no more than eight vehicles, depending on the type of training, to ensure the best possible support from the instructor. For events on race tracks, there is usually a division according to vehicle categories and/or experience. The groups start alternately to ensure the most homogeneous performance density possible.

Do the events take place in all weathers?

Basically, yes. After all, the aim of our training is to practice under conditions that are as realistic as possible. This includes being able to cope with any weather. In the case of wet and slippery conditions, the changed conditions will of course be taken into account during the training, so that your safety is guaranteed at all times. We recommend that you choose your clothing and footwear appropriately for both nice, windy and bad weather. Especially the shoes must be suitable for safe driving. If external conditions such as storms, thunderstorms, heavy rain, hail, etc. affect the safety of the training, breaks will be taken. You can find more details in the training descriptions.

How will you be catered for during the events?

Don’t worry, you will neither starve nor die of thirst. Sufficient and good catering facilities during the events are ensured. If you want special food and drinks, suitable for vegetarians, due to allergy sufferers or according to your religion, please let us know well in advance.

We forgot something here?

There is nothing easier than a personal chat!
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